The image above is us when we were teenagers, and we adore it because it takes us right back to that very moment.

It was pretty late on the beach, probably around 9:30. The moon was so bright that it illuminated the white sand. The breeze was light and the salty smell was just as pleasant as the sound of the waves.

to give you the space to truly be yourselves so your photos bring you right back to the moments the way you remember them.

our goal

the age when we met


how excited we are about your wedding, on a scale of 1-10


cat. We want to get a german shepherd one day!


times we've been to taco bell (probably)


the dream team

Yes, I was named after the character in “Friends.” Yes, I’ll be there for you. I’m the stealthier half of our photo team and tend to focus on the little details. I’m a huge car guy and love anything that gets me outdoors. I’ve done tequila shots with the guys during the getting ready process and I definitely wouldn’t object to doing it again. 

- teller of dad jokes


I’m the lead photographer on every wedding and am the first one you’ll talk to when you fill out our booking form! You can expect just the right amount of enthusiasm on your wedding day, because my goal is to make sure you feel like a 12/10 in your photos. I'm always down for deep conversations over a glass of red wine. A really good cab is my love language,

- tiny but mighty


- Our cat's name is Notorious C.A.T.

- Chandler is an ENFP, and an Enneagram 9

- Olivia is an INFP, and an Enneagram 4w5

- We're both musicians! Chandler plays guitar and drums, and Liv has performed at 30-a Songwriters Fest twice (weird flex, but ok)

fun facts about us:

tori and wesley

“their ability to not miss a moment is incredible, and their energy and passion comes across in the photos. we could not recommend this dynamic duo more.”