Things to Consider When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer


Things to Consider When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

Things to Consider When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

Oh hey!! It’s Olivia. 😊 With a huge planning to-do list and a sea of vendors to choose from, how do you make sure you’re making the right choice?? Here are some tips to help you narrow down and pick the right wedding photographer for YOU.

Before you start reading, I wanted to mention that this isn’t another one of those articles thrown together just as a way to say “hire me!!” I genuinely want you to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of- even if Chandler and I aren’t the vendor you choose! Now that my disclaimer is out there, let’s get started, haha!


When planning a wedding, you need things be as efficient as possible. That’s why you deserve clear and transparent communication in a timely manner. If vendors are leaving you on read for days at a time or seem like they aren’t being 100% real with you, that ain’t cool. Unless discussed and agreed upon beforehand, your wedding photographer (or any vendor, for that matter) should always respond to you within 24 hours MAX.


Remember, your wedding photography team is going to be following you around *all day* at your wedding. It’s important that you like them! Make sure you vibe well and are compatible. There are SO MANY photographers out there. Don’t settle! Having a good relationship with your vendors makes the process a million times easier for you!

*Pro tip!*

Talking with your vendors on the phone or using video chat can be a really good way to quickly see if they’re someone you’d enjoy working with! If you’re more of an email or text person, make sure they don’t sound like a robot. 🤖

Are they insured?

A responsible and legitimate business will have liability and equipment insurance. Period.

Reviews matter.

Check those reviews! Seriously! Are the reviews in harmony with the experience promised on their website? And if you can’t find any, ask for them. A photographer will *happily* show off their reviews if they’re confident in their experience.

Ask to see full galleries!

When you arrive to a website and see GORGEOUS images that are totally your vision, ask for full galleries to make sure their work is consistent. Any photographer can curate their website to show off their money shots, but how are the getting ready photos? The family photos? The reception? You deserve a gorgeous gallery from start to finish. 🙌

Still looking for your wedding photographer?

Chandler and I (Olivia) are a husband and wife wedding photography duo based in 30a and Panama City Beach, Florida. Let’s get to know each other so I can help your wedding vision come to life! If you need any help or recommendations, I’m an open book. ❤️

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Things to Consider When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

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