Planning Your Wedding During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Planning Your Wedding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Planning Your Wedding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hey everyone! Olivia here. First of all, my heart seriously goes out to you. This obviously isn’t an easy time for any of us. I want to lighten the load for you as much as possible, so here are some tips for planning your wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greetings from our quarantine couch!

chandler and Olivia on their couch during quarantine

Take a step back and remember the amazing things your life.

As hard as this time period has been for so many people, remember that there is nothing wrong with remaining both positive and thankful for the good things that are still present in your life. So, take a deep breath (in through the nose, out through the mouth), and list 5 things that you are thankful for. I’ll go first! I’m thankful for:

  • My husband/business partner/partner in crime, Chandler. Because of him, I don’t have to self-isolate on my own.
  • My job as a wedding photographer, despite all the recent stresses that come with it. And as a result, I have a platform to give advice and help those in need. That includes you!
  • The roof over my head, the clean clothes on my body, and the food in my kitchen.
  • Technology that allows me to interact with my friends and family during quarantine.
  • My Netflix subscription (talk about a life saver, am I right?).

If you need to postpone due to COVID-19…

If you’re postponing, get in touch with your planner and/or venue and come up with several dates that they are available for. This increases the chances of all your other vendors also being available for the same date! Once you’ve decided on a new date, send Change the Date cards to all of your guests with your updated information.

If any of your vendors are not available for your new date, carefully review their cancellation policies. Ask them for recommendations for local replacements to take some of the pressure off of you!

Also, if you haven’t already, consider looking into wedding insurance!

Focus on what you CAN do during quarantine.

You may not be currently able to have your engagement photos done or go to cake tastings and venue walkthroughs, but one thing you can still do during the coronavirus pandemic is come up with your wedding day timeline! Most timelines are centered around the photos, which is why we’re an awesome resource to have during the planning process. We know how wedding days typically play out, so we’d love to be of assistance. 🙂

Keep an open mind and embrace the change.

If you want to still have your wedding in 2020, we recommend staying open-minded to the possibility to having your wedding on a weekday since many vendors have their Saturdays booked up. If your new date is in a different season, definitely take into consideration the possible change in weather and climate that would influence different factors such as colors and in-season florals! Having your wedding after a daylight savings change can alter your timeline as well due to an earlier/later sunset. At the end of the day, remember the reason why you’re getting married- to celebrate the marriage between you and your person.

Keep an eye out for Coronavirus related deals or specials!

If you still have vendors you need to check off your wedding to-do list, most of them are very flexible at this time. Chandler and I are a people-first business who believe that no virus should come in between you and your dream wedding. That’s why for the time being, we’re reducing our booking retainer from $1000 down to $500 in order to meet you in the middle.

Need any other advice for planning your wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Planning Your Wedding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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