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Self-Care During Social Distancing

Self-Care During Social Distancing

Hiii. Olivia, here! It’s been an interesting time during quarantine. It’s so easy to get caught up in the news and dwell on what we can’t do. As a result, we can neglect ourselves and become overwhelmed. Confession: I haven’t been taking care of myself the way that I should. This is just a friendly reminder that taking care of ourselves is not only okay, but necessary!! Here are a few tips to practice self-care during quarantine to prioritize our health.

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This is an awesome way to keep track of how you’ve been day by day. Write down everything you did and how you felt. That way, you can notice a pattern in your actions that have either a positive or negative effect. Make small changes accordingly.

Balanced eating and plenty of water

This one is obvious and we’ve heard it a million times. But it’s SO TRUE! I’m not a dietician or health-care professional (duh). But eat your fruits and veggies! They’re your BFF! I’m all for eating whatever you want in moderation (the ice cream in my freezer is calling my name right now), but make sure you’re staying hydrated and still getting your essential daily nutrition. It makes such a difference.

Spa night!

Take a hot bath, put on a face mask, exfoliate and lotion your body. You’ll feel amazing.


Another DUH. You don’t have to train for an Ironman or start bodyweight CrossFit routines (but if you do, dang, that’s impressive). Just getting outside and taking a walk will feel so nice. Move your body. Even keeping up with a stretching routine will feel great! You can find plenty of ideas on Pinterest.

Keep in touch with loved ones

If you’re alone, my heart goes out to you. But don’t forget that technology is your friend! Set up whatever video conferencing software


This part of self-care during quarantine is SO important. We are on our devices more than ever, and we can get caught up in the news and become super overwhelmed. Take some time to yourself and UNPLUG. Breathe. Focus on the good in your life. Recharge and fuel a positive mindset to the very best of your ability.

What are other ways you’ve been practicing self-care? I’m all for trying new things! 🙂

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Self-Care During Social Distancing

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