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Utilizing Social Distancing to Better Serve You

Utilizing Social Distancing to Better Serve You

Quarantine + social distancing = MORE TIME. While our spring weddings for 2020 have been postponed, we’re using this as an opportunity to reassure, further build trust, and educate! Here are ways we are utilizing social distancing to better serve YOU.

photos of us by Eden Strader

Investing In Education

You can never stop learning and improving your craft. One way we are utilizing social distancing is by investing in a lighting course by Kathrine Marchand to improve our work. You deserve to have wedding photographers who take preserving your memories seriously! We are going to practice with personal projects to keep our skills sharp in the weeks ahead. We can hop right in to our next wedding ready and prepared as always!

Investing In and Improving Our Mindset

It breaks our hearts to see the emotional state of our communities and we want to be a source of strength and positivity during this time. Brittani’s Mindset Bootcamp is another form of education we have invested in. This will help us overcome mental blocks and be strong as both business owners and people. In order to be strong for over people, we need to be strong for ourselves. It’s so fitting during this time and we’re looking forward to reaping the benefits.

Providing More Content and Resources

Because of all of our new free time due to the Coronavirus, we are also dedicated to providing you with even more of our full galleries and helpful articles like this one! In the next few weeks, you can expect tips and advice for all things wedding planning. We are even putting together a brand new wedding guide for all of our couples and have new ideas for our Youtube channel! All of these resources will give you a nice change of pace from mindlessly scrolling for hours during quarantine. Don’t worry, we’re guilty of that, too!

We’re all in this together.

Need help or advice with planning your wedding during this time?

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Utilizing Social Distancing to Better Serve You

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