What Couples Wish They Did Differently On Their Wedding Day


What Couples Wish They Did Differently On Their Wedding Day

What Couples Wish They Did Differently On Their Wedding Day

HIIIIII. It’s Olivia! Hindsight is 20/20, right? We asked around to see what couples wish they did differently on their wedding day to help YOU. If you’re engaged and are currently planning, you’ll majorly benefit from this. Let’s get started!✨

They wish they had planned better.

One bride told us she wish they had set aside more time in their schedule for certain parts of the wedding day. The getting ready portion ran behind and they didn’t have enough time for their first look before the ceremony! Something we always tell our couples:

It’s better to have too much time than not enough!!

The last thing we want is for you to feel rushed at your wedding. Always allot at least a half hour more than you think you would need. That way, if things run behind, you’re covered. Think of that extra wiggle room in your timeline as insurance. 😉

bride planned better when getting ready with mom and sister

Hire a videographer.

Having both photo and video at your wedding is an awesome way to FULLY remember all the details of your way. This is something Chandler and I wish we did at our wedding as well!

Left earlier in the night.

This is a true story- one couple experienced all their guests leaving before they did and they had to clean up their own wedding. YIKESSS. No couples should have to do that. Designate assignments to some friends/family that are willing to clean up for you!

Not stressing about the little things.

Another thing couples wish they did differently is care less about the details. At the end of the day, the most important thing is the celebration of your marriage. Focus on that! Half of it is your own mindset, and the other is proper planning and a good wedding team. Chandler and I always make sure to prep and show up with all the info we need so you can relax and be fully present at your wedding.

bride laughing at her wedding reception and not stressing about the little things

Wish they had worn a more flowy gown.

Being able to move in your dress is important. I repeat: comfort is EVERYTHING. So, if you haven’t found your dream dress yet, we recommend making a Pinterest board. Compile a board of your ultimate photo inspiration and base your dress decision on that. You might be surprised!

Smaller/More intimate wedding. Eloping.

This can be a whole blog post in itself *writes note*.

Anyways, A LOT of couples said this. If you genuinely want a big wedding, AMAZING. You go, girl. But if you’re having doubts on the size, I’ve never heard of a couple regretting having a small wedding, even eloping. It can give you more focus on your marriage and the people you’re closest to.

intimate wedding ceremony at Sheraton bay point in Panama City beach

Don’t invite people out of obligation/shorten the guest list.

This is one of the biggest things couples wish they did differently on their wedding day.

Say it with me: Don’t 👏 invite 👏 people 👏 out 👏 of 👏 obligation. 👏

It’s YOUR wedding. Not aunt Carol’s.* If you don’t want someone at your wedding, then that’s it. End of story. Keeping the guest list narrowed down to the people you genuinely want there will make your day much more meaningful. Bonus: a reduced guest list can also drastically lower the cost for food and the size of your venue which opens up your budget to things that you *actually* care about.

*no offense to family/friends actually named Carol.

All weekend coverage.

No matter the size of your wedding, this is something that a lot of couples with they did, including us! Having the whole weekend documented allows you to remember so many more moments. The day before, the welcome/rehearsal dinner, the whole wedding day, and blissful moments of the day afterwards. No timeline restraints, just an endless stream of memories captured.


GUILTY. Wedding day jitters can take over and we barely ate any of the food we were so excited about. We had a whole oyster bar and I didn’t get a single one. We didn’t even have any of the cake. Oops!

bride and groom eating appetizers at Eden Gardens state park

Stayed true to themselves.

Even though this pretty much sums up the entire list, this is the most important one. I’ll say it again for emphasis:


Do whatever you want. Have a giant wedding at your dream venue. Have a ceremony on the beach. Elope with just your closest family and friends, or even just the two of you. Have Star Wars themed details. Wear a rainbow dress. Have your first dance to The Most Beautiful Girl (in the room) by the Flight of the Conchords. Keep it super traditional! Just DO YOU.

We’ll be your biggest supporters in whatever you decide to do. Our job is to capture YOU. You’ll never have regrets staying true to who you are.

bride with rainbow dress with no regrets about her wedding

If you want a photo team that will be your #1 supporter on your wedding day, get to know us!

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What Couples Wish They Did Differently On Their Wedding Day

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